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Don't buy

It doesn't vibrate at the desired intervals.

It does not work with iOS11

Please update! This is a great app!

Not working

Can you update to work with current iOS?


Stole my money!!! This all does nothing!! Very upset.

It sort of works

Right after I bought it a little pop-up window said it wouldn't work w the current OS. I was discouraged but I tried it anyway. The help file says it is meant to run in the background and won't run if the app screen is open. This is true. It also won't run if the phone is sleeping. You must have another app open and running in order for this app to run. You can't set your phone aside and let it run like a regular MotivAider. I have it set to vibrate only, and the vibration is happening, even as I type this review. But it is a much softer and shorter vibration than when the phone rings, barely noticeable.


Sometimes works but most times doesn't. Some bugs need to be worked out. Would welcome a refund.

Doesn't Work!

I wish I had read the reviews before buying this. It doesn't work at all. Nothing. It was exactly what I was looking for to use with my ADD child, and I'm so disappointed that a completely broken app is still up for sale. Apple needs to remove this from their store!

Does not work

DO NOT BIY THIS APP!I used the motiv Aiders in my class. I thought this might be a cost effective option, but this clearly is not functional and needs to be removed by the developer or by Apple. I want my money back!!!

Awful Product!

This was a complete waste of my money! DO NOT BUY!! This app has not been updated since it was first developed in 2012, and it shows. Everything is blurry, and does not fit to the screen. It is not compatible for any iOS past the iOS last used on the iPhone 4, no, not even the 4s. It is clear that the developer had no clue what they were doing. It was a great thought, but executed poorly. If they were to do an update, then it would likely be worth the $3. However, I am a new teacher and on a tight budget.. This was a complete waste, and I wish I had the money back to use towards the actual MotivAider device.

Good in theory!

This could be an amazing app. A co worker and I were originally excited that we could possibly use it to insure behavior tech compliance with reinforcement schedules but it definitely could use some work and improvements. The review before me said it all.

Compliments the MotivAider device

I typically use the traditional MotivAider device as I prefer a dedicated tool but find the iPhone app handy when I forget to bring it to work. This no-frills app is simple and easy to use--just like the MotivAider. I recommend the app for those following the MotivAider approach.

What a waste!

I love the individual MotivAider. This app is $h!tt'/ Totally not worth the $3 I paid for it, not even worth reading the directions. Reminder tone is barely audible and does NOT VIBRATE on either setting. Booooo!

Not working..

I have it set to 5 sec intervals.... And nothing is happening.


I really wanted to use this in my special education class, but it's useless!! I wish I could get my money back. It is difficult to set up, it doesn't let you set up the alerts for a set amount of time... Don't buy it, look for something cheaper and more useful!

Does not work

This app does not aim to do much, so I was a little surprised it couldn't accomplish even that, esp. when the developer charges $3. The basic idea: the user writes out 1 desired behavior and an associated personal message. Then the app will create periodic vibrating notifications that are supposed to create a Pavlovian response. However, the app would not save the desired behavior or personal message. And the periodic notifications did not occur at the rate I requested. I immediately asked for a refund.

Amateur effort

This clearly was someone's first effort at programming an app for iOS. The fonts are blurry, the options are scant, and the design shows little understanding of the power and utility of the iPhone and iPad. In its current state, this app is not worth the price to download. A good MotivAider app would add functionality, rather than doing the bare minimum to mirror the physical device. My suggestions: 1. Add vibration options (including custom vibes) and 2. Add sound options (including voice); 3. Permit multiple concurrent reinforcement schedules; 4. Allow schedules whereby the interval resets if the target behavior is emitted prior to the end of the interval (e.g., a button is pressed). 5. Add on-screen data indicating what intervals are running/set up. 6. Add Retina display support and utilize the full screen size for iPhone 5 users. Then, this app might be worth the price.

Works exactly as advertised

I've had the physical MotivAider for years. When I first got my iPhone, I wished for the app. My wish has come true!

Not at all like a MotivAider device.

On ipad, it will not emit sound (obviously, it also doesn't vibrate): it merely flashes a small banner at the top of the screen. There's no way to reset the timer (e.g., behavior occurred before the time was up and you want to re-start the interval), and there's no visual display of the countdown. This app is far less useful than a standard free kitchen timer app.

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